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04 March 2006



Paul, what are you doing in NZ??? Isn't Fiona about to have your second child?? How long are you there? Will you be coming back through Sydney at some point? We feel really out of touch with you guys and I don't like it! I know you moved before Christmas but I don't even know your new address - and what about a phone number?? Drop us a line some time.

Courtney and David

Paul Hannay

Hey Courtney!

I'm down here for just under two weeks - bit of work and visiting friends and family. Fio is due late April. And yes, I fly back through Aussie, although it's Melbourne. I'll drop you a note with all out new contact details soon. Hope things are going well for you guys in Sydney.


Jack Yan

Paul, it is doable. In 2002 and 2003 I targeted having year-round summers. Almost made it.

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